I don’t wish to sound redundant but I can’t emphasize strongly enough how important it is to consistently use sun block on your face. I had three clients this past week who believe their foundation has enough protection to protect their faces from the sun. Unfortunately, it is not! I highly recommend a higher level…

Make-up Designory Black Eye Pencil

For the past several years I have been invited to be a guest speaker at the Make-up Designory School, known as MUD. I enjoy sharing my experience and advising students how to approach the business and achieve their goals. As a token of their appreciation, they give me a few of their products to try.…

Art Show

Dear Friends,

Please feel free to stop by the opening of “The Rites of Spring” art exhibition. I will have 3 paintings in the show.

Opening May 17, 2018 6-8 PM Concert 8PM
ART 345 GALLERY / 345 East 104th St. New York, N.Y. 10029

Hope to see you there!

Best Root Touch UP

Dear Blondes, In my opinion, the best root touch up I’ve ever come across is Roux Tweentime. Unfortunately, they discontinued the ash blonde claiming it was not making enough profit. Numerous inquiries finally led me to call Revlon to look into the matter. I was advised that the more people who called in,the greater the…


The price of makeup brushes have gone up and many people simply can’t afford them; however, there is another alternative. Go to an art store and check out their brands! Better yet, wait for their brush sales and you will get a good 50% off.