Makeup Artist: Lorin Cole

Year: 2018

Holiday Makeup

Now that the holiday season is here, its time to brighten things up! Rock red lipstick! f you have difficulty well defining a darker lipstick and have difficulty in painting on a straight darker line, try combining a red powder shadow which will help stop the bleeding, last longer and complete the look.

Brush Cleaner

My favorite is Citrus Brush which is a Sephora brand. I also use it to spray pencil’s (after I resharpen them) and even eye shadow (after wiping them) to make double sure there won’t be a trace of bacteria or germs.


Halloween is approaching and I am looking forward to working with my special effects makeup and transforming my clients into their chosen character for the evening. Don’t wait till last minute to book your appointment!

Before You Wax Eyebrows

Before going to your appointment to have your eyebrows waxed,do your research of what shape will work best with your face. Cut out a few examples from magazines and bring them for reference. Too often than not, I see eyebrows with unnatural shapes for which I have to correct.

My Favorite Eye Makeup Remover

My favorite eye makeup remover is Neutrogena extra gentle eye makeup remover pads. It is gentle and won’t burn your eyes as I have found with most other brands. I also suggest that you don’t use the regular makeup remover wipes for your eyes.

Makeup for Holidays

Always fun to get in the holiday spirit using your makeup pallet. Yesterday I had a great time painting a client for a 4th of July party. Red, white and blue, striping on the eyes and a star on the top of the cheek completed the look.


I don’t wish to sound redundant but I can’t emphasize strongly enough how important it is to consistently use sun block on your face. I had three clients this past week who believe their foundation has enough protection to protect their faces from the sun. Unfortunately, it is not! I highly recommend a higher level …

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