More Tips for Lips

If you choose to enhance your lips by making them fuller, make sure that the evidence is untraceable. Once you pencil in the line above your upper lip, you’ll want to go back and flatten out the area. What I’m referring to is lightening the former lip line so that it is no longer visible.

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Tips for Lips

Spring is here and colorful lips are in vogue. I’ve always utilized my products in various creative ways, so I suggest you dip your lip brush into your bright eye shadow pallet (pink, orange, violet), add lip gloss and you’re good to go!

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False Eyelashes

For those of you who wear false eye lashes you most likely know the formalities and steps for placing them into your lashes. As I had two makeup lesson clients in the past few weeks who never read up on the subject and had never had success with putting them on, I wanted to mention

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Nip Tuck and the Needle

NIP TUCK AND THE NEEDLE   As a well known makeup artist and beauty author, I’ve received numerous requests to write an article regarding nip, tuck and the needle. Let me begin by stating that I wholeheartedly endorse plastic surgery and injections, provided they are kept in perspective. Without mentioning names, we all know who

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