OMG, I Fell Asleep in the Sun and I’m Burnt Like a Lobster! What Can I Do?

Back when I was a teen, I went on Spring break to Miami with friends. After two days, all three of my friends were in bed suffering from painful sun poisoning along with a significant fever and I was taking every precaution so that it wouldn’t happen to me. That is, until I fell asleep in the sun. As I was walking home barely able to move my baked legs with tears streaming down my face, I was contemplating joining my friends in misery. That is until a guardian angel who appeared in the form of an elderly Floridian man, spotted my fried carcass dragging its way back to the hotel.

“I see that you have a bad sun burn but if you follow my advice you are going to be okay.” He instructed me to immediately run a bath as hot as I could tolerate and to sit in the steaming water for a good hour. I was greatly surprised as I would have thought that ice would have been the best alternative. Upon arriving back to the hotel and running the steaming hot bath, my friends would have agreed as they thought that the man was crazy and me even more so for complying. One look at them and I was willing to do anything that could perhaps help my situation.

I am pleased to share that his wonderful advise was indeed right on and I was able to go out that night and enjoy the rest of my vacation. There was no preventing the peeling that occurred within a few days but I escaped a very unpleasant fate.

I hope that this story will be helpful to any of you who might incur a similar mishap.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer!