One More Tip For Protecting Your Face In The Sun

I mentioned my falling asleep in the sun when I was a teenager in my last blog: however, I didn’t mention when at age twenty I spent the summer in Spain and gradually worked up a significant tan including my face. No bad sunburn or the need to soak in a boiling hot tub: however, two months later I developed two deep lines on my forehead. Yikes! I have never laid down again in the sun allowing my face to be exposed to the rays. Of course I go to the beach and wear my heavy duty sun block but if I lie in it directly, I “cover” my face with a cloth for extra protection. The good news is that to this day I have never found another deep line on my forehead or any place else. I suggest that you take a simple piece of material and cut out a hole for your nose so that you don’t suffocate. This is just yet another way to avoid those dreaded wrinkles and avoiding a laser peel.